Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kardashian Khroma Beauty Review & Swatches

Once I saw Khloe Kardashian post a picture of their makeup line on Instagram, I was ready-set-go to my nearest Ulta and was determined to pick up EVERYTHING that was labeled "Khroma", but unfortunately, not only were most of their products sold out, but their packaging is just unbelievably disappointing! :( I only picked up products that I thought were "worth" purchasing, and ones that will be very useful to do a review on.

So I went for the eyshadow palettes that they carry. They are called "Kardazzles". The palettes, I suppose, are supposed to reflect each Kardashian sister. Neutrals  for Khloe Kardashian, and smokey-darks for Kim Kardashian. The Palettes are travel-sized and come in this plastic packaging. I guess they are implying a "Look like a Kardashian to-go" idea, which everyone probably wants to achieve. The to-go palettes retail for $12.99 at Ulta.
This one is the Khlose Kardashian palette they call "Khloe Kardazzle" $12.99
It is in a tan/gold plastic reptile patterned case -indicating a more neutral tone look.
 The first thing you will see is the array of neutral shadows -mattes on the top, and shimmery/sheeny ones on the bottom. To get the face products, you pull the bottom "drawer", which is pretty flimsy if you ask me. I found a bit of a struggle, and still do, pulling the drawer out, but I guess it is something I can live with. I just hope it does not break.

These swatches were swiped only once, so I did not overlap or anything. This way, it shows their actual pigmentation.  The first four are the top mattes, and the last four are the bottom shimmers.

Once again -swiped once. The blush is a peachy-pink and the highlighter is definitely highlighted with its yellow undertone. The bronzer is not much for contouring for medium skin-toned individuals like me. This is pretty surprising because the Kardashians are very "contoured" ladies.

 Same packaging for the "Kim Kardazzle" but just in Gray, indicating her famous smokey-looks.

Same concept once again, except this time you will see an array of gorgous smokey mattes and smokey shimmers, and some glittery shadows on the last two colors. The blush and bronzer are also quite different from the Khloe palette. The highlighter, I'm guessing is a signature Kardashian color; therefore, they are the same in each palette.


The swatches once again were only swiped once, and as seen here, the first four mattes are not the most pigmented. The key is to overlap to make them work, which may not be a person's fave thing to do D: The shimmery sheens are more pigmented as you can see, which was the same case with the Khloe Kardazzle one. I really don't know why -maybe the shimmers reflect more light?

Kim's blush is more Barbie pink like POP! haha And the higlight the same, of course, and the bronzer is pretty faint, and I would think for Kim's look, it should have been dark in order to acheive her contoured look. But what can you do?

Of course I had to pick up some lashes. Who doesn't want Kardashian lashes?! Haha I picked up the ones on the left called Scintillate Lashes which are the clumpy Kardashian lashes that I usually see on Kylie Jenner. I of course had to pick up the volumptous Armenian long lashes that Kim Kardashian always flaunts -Glimmer Lashes. They retail for $6.49 at Ulta.
Overall, I think the palettes are more for beginners, maybe tweens that want to start playing with makeup. Is it worth? Well, for someone, like myself, who already have an array of shadows that I probably will not use up anytime soon, no. Pick these up if you either just want a to-go palette, or if you're giving it as a little present for your neices or even nephews. The lashes of course are a must no matter what, but the makeup I'm still a little ifffy about.
Khloe Kardazzle $12.99
Kim Kardazzle $12.99
Scintillate Lashes $6.49
Glimmer Lashes $6.49