Monday, December 17, 2012

OPI Nail Envy: My nails' BFF!

 After hearing about this product from numerous YouTube beauty gurus -specifically from Europe- I was sure to try it the minute I got close to one. For the first week I used it, I did what many people suggested which was to wear it alone; I saw no difference, and became very disappointed. I completely ignored its purpose and just started using it as a basecoat and that's when I realized; patience is key. One should never judge by the first try because many things take time to show proposed effects. After using it as a basecoat for a couple of weeks, I found a great difference with my nails' thickness, and sturdiness. An added plus? MY NAILS ARE SUPER LONG! That's never happened before- I swear! My nails usually chip before even getting out of my nail-beds more than 1/8 of an inch. My nails are now half an inch out of my nail bed, and still continuing to grow day by day and I could tell the difference.

The product could vary in prices, but still on the pricier side either way. I picked mine up at an Outlet so there was a bit of a discount, but it was still $17.

I could definitely say that it is worth trying and keeping even just as a basecoat. I will definitely be repurchasing this! It has been a great month for my nails because of this product!

I hope I helped in some way ;)