Thursday, February 7, 2013

Street, and maybe, hipster? Inspired

Once I saw this faux jean fabric jacket while passing through the clothing section of the Burlington Coat Factory --instead of complaining about how long my grandma takes looking for random stuff she could send to the Philippines-- I could not pass up; I knew exactly what style I was gonna go for. It's amazing how one fashion item can produce a whole look in just a snap!

Yes, I went for the so common style nowadays; hipster or street, as some may call it. I don't really know where this style blossomed, all I know is every time I went on Tumblr, it's what I see labeled under "Hipster fashion". I don't even know anymore haha! It seems that nowadays, anything sold at Urban Outfitters is "hipster". Either way, I really liked this outfit --it's fashionable and trendy, yet sooo comfortable.

I should also mention that I wouldn't have really thought of this ensemble without the inspiration from one of the most street-stylish Fashion blogger, Bonnie of "Flashes of Style". The first thing I thought of when I saw the top were Bonnie and fluffy socks! And voila, there's the look!

Faux jean top - Burlington Coat Factory $19.99
Target leggings $8.99
Target socks $4
Laced wedges - Old Navy $49.99
Fedora - unknown