Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rimmel London Glam'Eyes Day 2 Night mascara: Love, love, love!

I think the picture does the talking doesn't it? Well, even if that's agreeable, I'll just have to say a couple of things about this amazing mascara.
This is a known product-dupe for MAC's Haute and Naughty lash, now I have never tried the MAC Haute and Naughty, but I can say this Rimmel dupe is Naughty enough to make you feel Haute! (Excuse my humour). As seen on the picture, the mascara's effect is just to my liking--- it's Vavavoom! I've always been sold by those advertisements saying "100x longer" "1000000x more volume" and I always come home so excited to try it on, only to get disappointed, and that's when I realized.. It's all about layering girl! If you want that fake lash effect, layer on! And this mascara provides those steps in one container. Rimmel let's you know that they understand your need of layering, so instead of purchasing two mascaras for $8 each (equaling to almost $20!), they give you two mascaras, that compliment each other, in one tube, for $8. THANK YOU RIMMEL! Ooh, something else I almost forgot to add; it's not waterproof, yet it doesn't run, or give me racoon eyes --definite plus points x 1000000!

Effects this mascara provides:
No racoon eyes
Confidence --everything!

Overall rating: 10000-error- rating board has exploded! out of 10