Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Holiday Wish-list 2013!

This wish-list is obviously on a much lesser humble-note. I guess it would be something of a dream-wish-list as I am aware that it is quite impossible to get every single one of these products, but I will be quite content with either one of these --Probably more if I get the Prada wallet haha.

Here's a breakdown of the products:

Jo Malone "Blackberry & Bay"
Jo Malone has been my only fragrance destination since I discovered it at the Nordstrom in Westfield San Francisco exactly a year ago. I have smelled and sampled at least 20+ of their scents and I have fallen hard-love on the "Blackberry & Bay" scent. I am almost done with the current bottle I have since it has become my chosen cologne for everyday so I will need one very soon.

Prada Saffiano Wallet
Since I started using wallets I have always owned black ones, which are very hard to find inside a handbag that is parallel to the looks of a black hole, so to banish such dilemma, I would really like a colored wallet -preferably red. I am a pretty matchy-matchy person even with the accessories inside my purse and since my makeup bag is Prada, I would also like my new wallet to be Prada. And plus, I am madly in love with Prada's iconic saffiano leather.

Jeffrey Campbell "Everly" Boots
I have always wanted Jeffrey Campbell shoes -and yes, even the iconic Litas, but let's be real, not everyone can walk in them, so why bother? I opted for the very trendy Everly boots and I am quite excited to rock them if I get the chance to get ahold of a pair.

Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronze Universal
Need I say more? If you are a beauty junkie, you will be familiar with this sought-out bronzer that is nothing but goddess in a tub. Oh the looks I could do with this one product! This product I could probably get myself, but when given a chance to get it for free, why not? haha  

RayBan Large Aviators
If you know me personally, you may know that I love sunglasses and have been hoarding them since the day I got contact-lenses. The iconic RayBan Aviators are a pair I need to hopefully complete my collection.

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  1. I will take one of everything as well! LOL, Great wish list! Thanks for sharing :)