Monday, November 25, 2013

Urban Decay NAKED 3 Swatches & Comparison

Ladies and gents, the Urban Decay NAKED 3 Palette!
We thought we've had enough of Urban Decay's "NAKED" makeup, but obviously we did not express any form of tire when we found out that UD was releasing a new palette; the newest addition to the NAKED line -NAKED 3!
Upon seeing the press photos for the new palette, I was not intrigued at all because it looked quite similar to the Naked 2. I snubbed it. Not until I read more about the palette that I started to feel excitement. On the Urban Decay website, the Naked 3 is described as a rose-toned neutral palette, and that's when I was sold! I am one for everything rose-toned when it comes to eyeshadow. I prefer rose golden tones -browns with hints of pink- for my eyeshadow as I find that it compliments my lid color more than any other colors; even brown looks kind of harsh on my lids.
After finding such information, I jumped and signed up for e-mails on to ensure that I get the word once the palette has been launched. Sadly, signing up was useless! If it weren't for Instagram, I would have never found out that the palette had been launched! I have some Instagram friends to thank for that. It was 8:00am and I had just woken up. As usual, I go and check Instagram and as I was scrolling through, I stumbled upon screenshots of the Urban Decay website's announcement of the palette's launch and I immediately ran to the dining room where my laptop was, almost slipping, and bought two palettes just to make sure. I got reaaaallly lucky that I saw the screenshot on Instagram early because a little over an hour after purchasing, the palette was sold out! Of course.
As I had mentioned, I felt skeptical about purchasing the Naked 3 because of its similarity to the Naked 2 according to the press pictures before its launch. After two days of worrisome, waiting by the door for the mail man, waiting for the palette to arrive, I was finally able to see it for myself and compare. I'm glad to say that I had nothing to worry about!
Once you see the palette in person you will see that Naked 3 is simply rosy and just that will show how different it is to the Naked and Naked 2 palettes.
The following pictures show the palette on top of each other to enable comparison. As with anything, the camera cannot do 100% justice to the colors, but I can assure you that there is barely a similarity to the Naked 3 with any of the other Naked palettes.
It's simply rose-toned!

The palette retails for $52.00 USD and can only be purchased on as of right now. I have heard from UD employees that it will be available in stores mid-December, but I can almost guarantee that it will be available before Christmas; it just has to be!



  1. Ugh I want this palette so bad, apparently it's coming to Sephora stores (Canadian) in mid-January! D: Love your youtube videos and thank you for the swatches as well!~ ^_^

  2. That post was so helpful! For me the naked 3 matches my complexion (yellow undertone) so good because of the rose toned shades! I also got hazel eyes and those colours flatter them so much! I also entered your giveaway and Im so thankful for giving this opportunity X